Spot for Indonesian eats opens in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market

A spot for delicious, authentic Indonesian cuisine has opened a stall in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market. 

Indonesian’s Flavour has already been serving its food to Hamilton for a couple of years through catering, pop-ups, and events, earning a reputation for tasty Indonesian dishes hard to find elsewhere in Hamilton. 

The market menu is loaded with a diverse array of options for everyone from vegan to carnivore, made with the rich, complex flavours Indonesian cuisine is known for. 

Some of the selections include Been Rendang, a dish that sees beef slow-cooked in coconut milk and spices; Bakmie, an Indonesian noodle dish; Babi Kecap, which is braised pork in sweet soy sauce; and Nasi Goreng, a flavourful fried rice. 

Few places in Hamilton offer authentic Indonesian cuisine, making Indonesian’s Flavour a must-try spot for local foodies; and now, with its new Hamilton Farmers’ Market stand, getting your hands on their food has never been easier. 

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Lead image courtesy of @indonesiansflavour

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