STOCKED IN HAMILTON – A Labour for the Love of Hamilton

Showing off the best of Hamilton, one gift box at a time.

It’s not often that Christmas shopping also means supporting and celebrating the city you live in.  It’s rare that buying gifts encourages you to be proud of where you are. But that’s just what Stocked in Hamilton has done.

A venture just a few months old, Stocked in Hamilton is the brainchild of Katie Rincker, a Hamilton resident of almost a decade. The longer she lived in the city, the more she grew to love each of the neighbourhoods, the streets, the parks, and the people.  A occupational therapist by trade, Katie’s job had her out in the community, at schools, and even family dining room tables.  She saw creativity and vibrancy wherever she went, and wanted a way for everyone in Hamilton to experience the same.

“I’d fallen in love with the people,” says Katie, describing her passion for Hamilton.  “I’m excited by the culture, the evolution, and the change of this city as it continues to unravel.”

During her time on maternity leave, Katie spent time with newborn son Rudy exploring her city. Seeing Hamilton during the day allowed her to see it in a whole new light, so to speak, and discover the people that build and make Hamilton so inspiring. With her husband Daniel’s idea of a stocking stuffer company in her head, Katie saw with fresh eyes the handmade and locally created products she used and loved.

Photo by Marty Edwards

When she received a new job offer, Katie had to decide whether she wanted to accept the position or move ahead with this new business. The good news? She did, and created Stocked in Hamilton, a company that pulls together Hamilton makers and creators into one gift box.

Katie first turned to the vendors who created some of her favourite local products in city shops and went from there. She began meeting more artisans in Hamilton by visiting festivals, makers markets, and Art Crawls, and the more people she spoke to, the more positive feedback she received. She also put her idea out on Reddit to ask Hamiltonians what they thought of when they thought about their city, and found the same products coming up again and again. This gave her the push she needed to go all in. Stocked in Hamilton gifts focus on two main boxes – #HamOntForHer and #HamOntForHim. Each is filled with a variety of high-quality items not only made in Hamilton, but representing Hamilton as well.

Photo by Kathy Guffroy

Katie is enthusiastic to be joining the small business community in Hamilton that is so encouraging to new companies. “I really enjoy meeting all the different entrepreneurs in Hamilton and learning from everyone I’ve met,” she says. “Everyone is so creative themselves, having started their own businesses, and so are willing to share their expertise.”

The result of Katie’s hard work is a one stop shop gift that’s perfect for longtime Hamilton residents and new transplants alike. Stocked in Hamilton’s boxes take the guesswork out of gift giving with convenient online shopping that’s stress-free and includes complimentary local shipping. Knowing everyone is different, Katie chose to include a customizable option for each box. This means that each box is one-of-a-kind, crafted with care and personality for the recipient.

Stocked in Hamilton’s motto is “Your community is our warehouse” – words that could not ring truer for any company. “I love helping people learn what their city has to offer, allowing them to feel more connected to their community,” explains Katie of the slogan. She aims to highlight the best of Hamilton and its spirit by featuring the talented people that make up our city.

Head to www.stockedinhamilton.com or @stockedinhamont to learn more about Katie and the company!

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