T.O’s Kathi Roll Eatery brings Indian fusion street food to Hamilton

If you ask anyone what the most flavourful cuisines in the world are, I’d be willing to bet that Indian cuisine would rank high on the list. 

It’s easy to see why. After all, great, authentic Indian food is dominated by aromatic spices, bold ingredients, and rich flavour profiles that run the gamut from inviting and mild to intense and complex. 

The popularity of Indian cuisine is surely what pushed T.O’s Kathi Roll Eatery – a casual takeaway spot specializing in intriguing Indian street eats – to achieving success all over the GTHA; including the recent addition of a location right here in Hamilton. 

As its name would suggest, T.O’s Kathi Roll Eatery was first launched in Toronto and has since expanded its reach – and its rangy menu – to match its popularity, driven by a fun fusion approach to Indian flavours and culinary traditions. 

An impressive 17 locations in cities like Brampton, Ajax, Vaughan, London, Oshawa, Guelph, Waterloo, and others followed, with T.O Kathi Roll Eatery entering Hamilton just a few months ago with its first local restaurant at 1299 Barton Street East, Unit K04 in the Centre on Barton. 

Classic curries, stews, and rice dishes take a backseat here to burgers, burritos, and loaded fries; food truck-style street food favourites brought to twisty new places by way of Indian-inspired ingredients, recipes, and cooking methods. 

For instance, a simple fried chicken sandwich – the sort of thing you’d see doused in buffalo sauce – is instead smothered in an aromatic Tandoori-style sauce, and an order of tacos replaces the tortilla for miniature-sized naan filled with Indian-style protein choices like butter chicken, lamb kabab, or paneer tikka. 

This barely scratches the surface on a brimming menu that offers an almost overwhelming level of choice, from chicken wings to nachos to mac & cheese to poutine to dumplings to shareable family-sized platters and much more. 

But the signature dish here is right in the name: the kathi roll, a street food staple that originated in Kolkata, West Bengal, India that is as portable as it is flavourful. 

At T.O’s Kathi Roll Eatery, this handheld speciality uses a paratha – a flatbread of South Asian origin – as the vessel, rolled up to house layers of tasty fillings like butter chicken, aloo gobi, paneer shaslik, lamb kabab, cod, or vegetable keema that are finished with pickled onions and chutney. 

The result is a simple, satisfying, and wholly customizable comfort dish, served with a side of masala-spiced fries for good measure. 

But whether you go for the kathi rolls themselves or some of the enticing selections from elsewhere on the stacked menu, it’s clear that T.O’s Kathi Roll Eatery has gone out of its way to offer plenty of choice for the widest range of palates and diets, including choice of spice levels for every dish on the menu as well as options that are vegetarian and vegan. 

Hamilton is spoiled for great choices when it comes to Indian cuisine, and T.O’s Kathi Roll Eatery – with its refreshingly less conventional menu of fusion food – makes for a welcomed addition to the local culinary scene. 

Visit T.O’s Kathi Roll Eatery at 1299 Barton Street East, Unit K04 in the Centre on Barton. Follow them on social media here

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