Television City twin condo towers have been approved in downtown Hamilton

An ambitious plan to construct two 32-storey towers in Hamilton’s Durand neighbourhood is officially going ahead.

The Television City development project, which will see these two towers erected on the CHCH TV property and heritage mansion at 163 Jackson Street West, is planned to feature both residential and commercial space.

In a ruling this past Friday, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) gave the thumbs-up to the $360 million project, which is being headed by local developer Brad Lamb of Lamb Development Corp.

The approval, however, comes up against some opposition from the city and a number of Hamilton residents; in fact, Hamilton city council voted against the project two years ago when it was originally proposed as a 40 and 30 storey twin tower.

Locals and city officials cite potential privacy issues as a result of the sprawling tower proposals; not to mention their potential to obstruct views of the Niagara Escarpment.

There’s also the issue of the sizeable shadows expected to be cast by the finished freestanding towers; an issue which LPAT vice-chair Susan de Avellar Schiller insists will have negligible impacts on the surrounding public and private areas.

Though the development has been given the go-ahead, timelines for completion of the Television City towers have yet to be announced.

Lead image courtesy of Lamb Development Corp.

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