Ten Reasons Why We’re Excited for the Junos This Weekend!

So, the whole city is excited for the Junos, here are the ten reasons urbanicity is excited!

1. A huge variety of amazing Canadian music is happening all over the city; from the HPO to Tomi Swick, from Diana Panton to Ash & Bloom, from Vox Metropolis to Teenage Head.

2. #TurnItOn Music Crawl is tonight! (and on our street!)

3. TV cameras are going to be all over Hamilton capturing how awesome our city is!

4. Everyone in the city is coming together to make this weekend fantastic!

5. Hamilton gets to be in the spotlight!

6. Juno House in the Lister Block is a tribute to all the great Canadian talent!

7. Everywhere you go, there will be live music: Absinthe, Anchor Bar, Artword Artbar, Baltimore House, Bay City Music Hall, The Casbah, The Corktown Pub, Church of St. John the Evangelist, The Gasworks, Mills Hardware, New Vision United Church, Radius, Sarcoa, The Spice Factory, Stonewalls, This Ain’t Hollywood, The Underground.

8. $12 million in economic spin-off!

9. The Junos are a perfect fit for Hamilton, we ARE a music city after all!

10. We’re Hamilton and we know how to throw a party!

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