The Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing

Harold and Goetz celebrates their 97th year

Harold and Goetz Building Products Ltd are a local Roofing and Construction Company who are celebrating their 97th year in business. After a harsh winter, a lot of homeowners will be experiencing deterioration, damage, and leaks from their roof. Having completed 17,000 roofs, Harold and Goetz are here to talk the Do’s and Don’ts of roofing that homeowners need to consider when replacing their roof.

The Do’s

Do consider different material options. You don’t have to replace your existing roof with the exact same roofing material. Discuss the best options for your area and budget.

Do select a desirable look. A roof can last between 20 and 50 years, so it’s important to pick one that maximizes your curb appeal. View color and style options.

Do check wind and fire ratings. Most roofing materials come with ratings which will tell you the resistance to wind and fire. Not all manufacturers submit their materials for such testing, but it is recommended that you select a product which has been rated.

Do always use Ice Shield on eaves, valleys, and low slope areas to prevent ice build-up from damaging your roof.

Do prepare your home. With an installation crew walking around on your roof and pounding away, you can expect a certain amount of shaking in your home. Be sure to remove pictures from walls and pack away any fragile items that may fall from shelves prior to the start of the project.

The Don’ts

Don’t allow a contractor to talk you into shortcuts. Contractors sometimes try to lower costs by cutting corners on material expenses. Don’t try to save money or time on the installation of felt paper, starter shingles, flashing, or proper sealants and caulk. You will end up paying for it down the road because your home will require new decking, new fascia, or even another new roof.

Don’t allow children to play near the work site. Be sure to keep your children and pets away from the work zone at all times during the project. Materials thrown from the roof and loose nails in the yard can cause injury.

Don’t forget about proper ventilation for your roof. Your contractor should help you choose a suitable ventilation solution. Ventilation is very important, and extra vents are inexpensive.

Harold & Goetz is committed to providing exceptional customer service, delivering first-rate installations and supplying only the best products. They are one of the few preferred contractors in Ontario and all of their roofs come with full transferable warranties.
In celebration of their 97th year in business, they are offering Urbanicity readers a 5% discount on their roof. For a FREE estimate, you can call them on 1(866) 898-0310 or visit their website at www.haroldandgoetz.com

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