These fun interactive movie screenings are happening soon in Hamilton

If sitting still and staying quiet during a movie are tests of your patience, a series of special interactive screenings happening in Hamilton very soon are pretty much made for you. 

Hosted at Hamilton independent cinema The Zoetic Theatre by local event planning company Hub of the Hammer, these screenings – dubbed ‘That’s So Cinema’ – promise a different kind of moviegoing experience. 

Throughout the fall, a variety of classic movies are being screened as part of the series, from family-friendly fare like Casper and The Goonies to more adult offerings like Scream; all of which give full permission to the audience to let loose, shout at the screen, and have tons of fun. 

For an extremely reasonable ticket price – in many cases cheaper than a movie at Cineplex – attendees can enjoy these beloved films with a unique interactive element, turning screenings into raucous experiences not unlike those iconic showings of cult classics like The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Tommy Wiseau’s infamous The Room

The doors will open an hour before every screening, allowing audiences to show up early, grab a drink or a snack, and socialize before a pre-movie trivia game hosted live and featuring exciting prizes by local small businesses in the Concession BIA like The Dirty South, Candy Werx, and The Parlour Dairy Bar. 

Each movie will be accompanied by its own set of rules for how to best enjoy the experience in an interactive way, and The Zoetic and Hub of the Hammer are even offering most of the screenings with both a matinee suitable for families as well as a 19+ evening screening that include drinking game elements and custom, movie-themed cocktails. 

Five movies are part of the ‘That’s So Cinema’ screening series: the uber-quotable fantasy-romance The Princess Bride on September 10th; family-friendly Halloween staple Casper as well as meta slasher flick Scream, both on October 8th; coming-of-age adventure The Goonies on November 12th; and holiday comedy classic Home Alone on December 3rd. 

While Casper is being presented only as a family-friendly event and Scream will be exclusively for adults only, all of the other films in the series feature both types of screenings, with matinees for the young ones and evening shows for the 19+ crowd who want to enjoy a drink or three. 

After a few years of sinking into our couches binging Netflix shows with eyes glazed over, these interactive screenings promise an invigorating return to movie-going that offers up something that is so often taken for granted: the fun of a rowdy communal experience. 

‘That’s So Cinema,’ hosted by Hub of the Hammer at the Zoetic Theatre (526 Concession Street), begins on Saturday, September 10th and has its final movie screening on Saturday, December 3rd. 

See details on each screening and grab your tickets on Eventbrite before they sell out! 

Lead image courtesy of @thezoetic

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