This innovative public art in Hamilton uses interactive augmented reality

A striking new mural of a bird in flight has landed on Hamilton’s York Boulevard parkade; and its got some innovative tricks up its sleeve.

Conceived and painted by Hamilton artist Scott McDonald for the Concrete Canvas Festival, the mural currently sits in a half-finished state as an outline.

That’s because it’s uniquely interactive, allowing passersby to use the mural as a virtual paint-by-numbers by way of augmented reality through their smartphones.

Visitors can scan a QR code on site, taking them to a webpage that allows them to view the mural through their phone’s camera and transform it digitally, giving it different colours, shades, and hues before clicking Submit.

But the coolest part is that – from July 21st to 23rd between 9 pm and 12 am each night – the submitted designs will be projected live onto the mural’s outline, letting locals see their creations on a grand scale.

From there, visitors can vote on their favourite design at www.concretecanvasfest.com, and the winning design will get permanently painted onto the wall.

This exciting mural is one McDonald says is the first of its kind, and a truly collaborative project that puts the ‘public’ in public art.

See more here.

Lead image courtesy of @scottanddestroy

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