This Korean fried chicken spot is opening soon in Hamilton

A new spot is opening soon in Hamilton that deals in delicious fried chicken with a twist.

Chicken Plus – a small Canadian chain dealing in authentic Korean-style fried chicken and more – is getting ready to open its first-ever Hamilton location.

Signage is already up at the takeaway restaurant’s forthcoming home at 1 Wilson Street; the plaza at the corner of James North and Wilson that also houses foodie favourites like August 8, Noodle Me, and Nabil’s.

Of course, the main draw here is the fried chicken, available in a standard undressed style or doused in a variety of wildly flavourful sauces like the sweet & spicy Yang-Nyuem, the Garlic Soy, and the ‘Hell Spicy’ sauce for those who can take the heat.

Other unique options on the menu include the Nowing Cheese Chicken, dressed in shattered cheese powder; and the Creamy Onion Chicken, topped with fresh onions and a creamy sauce.

Sure, Hamilton’s got its fair share of fried chicken goodness already; but spots for authentic Korean-style fried chicken are few and far between, so we have little doubt that Chicken Plus is going to be a popular spot once it flings open its doors!

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Lead image courtesy of @chickenplus.ca

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