This new movie musical on Disney Plus was filmed all over Hamilton

A brand new movie musical has dropped on Disney Plus that was filmed in multiple noticeable locations in Hamilton.

Sneakerella, a bouncy reimagining of the famous Cinderella fairy tale, follows a young aspiring sneaker designer from Queens named El (played by Chosen Jacobs) who works in his late mother’s shoe store.

The story features many of the same story beats to be expected out of a Cinderella story, now set against the backdrop of contemporary New York City sneaker culture.

Production for the film took place in 2020 in both Toronto and Hamilton, and Hamilton residents are almost certain to recognize a number of locations in town featured prominently onscreen, including repurposed shops and city blocks in the International Village modelled to look like the Astoria neighbourhoods in Queens.

In fact, a gigantic, colourful mural from the film still remains on prominent display along King Street East, acting like a memento from the shoot while it was on location.

Hamilton continues to play a starring role in the film and television scene, with major production companies like Disney and Netflix routinely rolling into the city.

Sneakerella is now available to watch on Disney Plus!

Lead image courtesy of Disney Plus

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