Tim Hortons Field in need of $1.1 million in repairs

Just six years after its construction, Hamilton’s $145 million Tim Hortons Field is already in need of approximately $1.1 million worth of repairs to the stadium.

Hamilton’s public works department is recommending a repair or replacement of the stadium’s perimeter end guards, which surround the upper bowl as a safety measure for patrons who could otherwise be at risk of falling off.

The end guards were found to be in worsening condition back in 2016 during a safety check after a large speaker, weighing in at around 250 pounds, came crashing down into the empty stands.

Rob Gatto, manager of sports and entertainment facilities for Hamilton, is pushing for the repairs to happen as soon as possible while the stadium sits empty amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Hamilton city council is trying to avoid the use of taxpayer dollars to fund the repair and are first seeking legal advice on the matter; as well as urging Infrastructure Ontario to pay for the deteriorating end guards, suggesting that the needed repairs are due to construction-related issues.

Lead image courtesy of @timhortonsfield

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