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Top 10 Chocolate Spots in Hamilton for 2023

Chocolate is one of the most beloved, versatile sweet treats on the planet.

Whether it’s a square or two of single-origin dark deliciousness, a fruity truffle, or something a little more elaborate, chocolate can be a vessel for the sweet, the sour, the savoury, the spicy, and beyond; and with Easter weekend fast approach, Hamilton residents undoubtedly have chocolate on their minds (or in their mouths) more frequently than usual.

Hamilton is loaded with stand-out spots for chocolate treats perfect for Easter and beyond, so here’s our list of the top 10 for 2023!

Hotti Biscotti

Lower on the list purely because they’re not a typical chocolate shop, Hotti Biscotti is nonetheless worth your attention for some tantalizing treats that include a few chocolatey indulgences

A city staple for sweets since 2009 and now located on the upper floor of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market, Hotti Biscotti’s central draw is their atypically soft biscotti available in a variety of flavours. But they’ve also got treats like chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate covered pretzels, and peanut butter pops encased in chocolate. The selection is almost overwhelming.

 Bliss Truffles & Gelato

A family-run Stoney Creek sweet shop, Bliss carries both a diverse array of over 60 gelato flavours and some delicious artisanal chocolates as well.

Chocolates at Bliss come in a wide variety of flavours and forms, from carefully sourced truffles to bars to clusters to barks and more. Perusing the selection while snacking on some refreshing gelato is never a bad idea.

Candi Werx

Ensuring the sweet-tooths of the Hamilton Mountain are always satisfied, Candi Werx is an under-appreciated gem of the city.

Located along Concession Street, the shop largely serves as a place to find unique candy and international treats. But Candi Werx also makes its own terrific chocolate in-house, from chocolate bark to truffles to bars and beyond.

Chocolate Sensations

This Ancaster chocolatier features an almost overwhelming selection of house-made chocolates and other sweets

Though the business has existed since 1992, Chocolate Sensations first launched a storefront in Paris in 2007 and recently opened a second location in Ancaster in 2020. Those three decades of chocolate-making have paid off: Chocolate Sensations makes truffles, bars, chocolate covered strawberries, and so much more that really stands out.

Chocolate Tales

Chocolate treats made from cocoa thoughtfully sourced from regions around the world are just the tip of the iceberg at Chocolate Tales, a tucked-away spot on York Boulevard.

On top of selling their own handmade treats – including a hefty number of seasonal offerings – Chocolate Tales has also become known for its hands-on workshops and classes, leading participants through the process of making their own truffles and other indulgences like macarons.

 The DSRT Company

The DSRT Company is a more recent addition to Hamilton, but they’ve become a bit of a viral sensation for their eye-catching handmade chocolate bars.

What sets these apart from your typical chocolate bars is the fact that they are extremely thick and packed with indulgent fillings like whole cookies, caramel, flavoured ganache, marshmallow, and so much more. A single bar usually runs you a little over $20, but the more premium price makes sense when you see it.

The DSRT Company’s bars are also stunningly beautiful on the outside; they’re striking, edible works of art, varying in colour and tone and texture.

 Walker’s Chocolates

A long-standing staple of Hamilton’s dessert scene, Walker’s Chocolates has become pretty iconic for its range of handmade chocolates and custom gifts.

Originally launched in Burlington in 1983, Walker’s Chocolates now sports a handful of locations in the GHA, including one in Hamilton’s Westdale Village. If you’ve lived in Hamilton for any length of time, chances are good that you’ve received something from Walker’s as a gift at least once.

 Chocolat On James

The literal kid-in-a-candy-store feeling you get when walking into Chocolat in James is unmatched.

This sizeable James North shop is regularly bustling with locals stocking up on their share of truffles, chocolate-covered treats like gummies and cookies, dipped ice cream, and much more. There’s always a wide variety of flavours and forms of chocolate on hand; it’s hard not to find something you’ll love.

 Beanermunky Chocolate

This adorable chocolatier in Downtown Dundas routinely sells out, and it’s not hard to see why: handmade, small-batch truffles in intriguing flavours are paired with other handmade confectionary like chocolate clusters, bars, chocolate-covered bacon, and so much more.

Beanermunky takes its artisanal chocolate craft seriously, with attractive offerings that look as good as they taste. With vegan options rounding things out, this place truly has something for everyone.

 Madam Bonbon

Probably the smallest scale operation on this whole list, Madam Bonbon’s focused approach to small-batch chocolate making results in some of the city’s best artisanal treats.

Rotating and seasonal truffles and bonbons come in a variety of flavours at this Locke Street shop, each one handmade and painted to look so stunning, you almost feel bad eating it. But you shouldn’t resist taking a bite: your tastebuds will be rewarded with some seriously exceptional chocolate.

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