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Top 10 Spots for Fries in Hamilton for 2023

A good fry is basically the perfect food.

Great for a quick snack or as a harmonious supporting player to a larger meal, fries are an enduring classic that are as simple and unpretentious as they are versatile. Whether you go for shoestring, waffle cut, loaded, or Belgian-style, Hamilton has no shortage of excellent options for those crispy, salty pieces of potato-y goodness.

Without further ado, here are our personal picks for the 10 best spots for fries in Hamilton for 2023!

Bernie’s Tavern

An underrated gem of the east end, Bernie’s Tavern specializes in pub-style comfort eats made with chef-driven touches and quality ingredients.

Sandwiches, pan pizzas, steaks, and shareables adorn the menu, and Bernie’s well cooked and seasoned fresh-cut fries stand out as a noteworthy accompaniment to popular dishes like their house smash burger or beef on weck. With a solid craft beer list and a spacious back patio, Bernie’s Tavern ought to be your next stop for fries and so much more.

 The Ship

With its salty nautical theme and a menu that favours creatively-crafted burgers and seafood dishes, The Ship on Augusta Street is a frequent favourite for many Hamilton food lovers.

Alongside tantalizing burger creations like the Big Pickle or the Sweet Cheezus, expect a generous portion of The Ship’s terrific fresh-cut fries: seasoned well and perfectly crisp, we’d easily crush a whole platter of these in one sitting.

Delirious Burger Co.

If you want to sink your teeth into one of Hamilton’s best smash burgers and fries, look no further than this place.

With two popular locations – one in Westdale Village, and one on Locke Street – Delirious Burger Co. keeps things simple with their fast food-style menu and is all the better for it. Customizable burgers are the main draw, but they’re well matched with some delicious fresh-cut fries as the supporting player. Don’t skip them.

Hutch’s on the Beach

If nostalgia was a flavour, it would likely taste like the fries at Hutch’s on the Beach.

Those who have lived in Hamilton for any decent amount of time have undoubtedly stopped by Hutch’s more than once in their lives, whether at their Bayfront Park location or even more iconic home along Confederation Beach Park. The food – think burgers, fish & chips, hot dogs, and other comfort fare – is extremely simple and classic, and the fries taste unlike many others we’ve had in the city (in a good way). Super thick-cut, pleasantly oily, and very satisfying.

Goldies Fast Food

Owned and operated by Joel Soares – also known for lending his culinary talents to Cowabunga Pizza and Quatrefoil, among other noteworthy spots – the recently-launched Goldies Fast Food endeavours to capture the nostalgic fast food experience while using quality ingredients and chef-driven techniques.

The smash burgers and fried chicken sandwiches here are glorious, and the fries are also worth attention. Served in a fun crinkle-cut style, you can get yours plain or in a number of loaded fry options including chilli cheese fries; ranch fries tossed in all-dressed seasoning and smothered in house ranch and bacon; or the hot fries for those who like their spice. Grab an order and get ready for the best food coma of your life.

MERIT Brewing Company

When MERIT Brewing Company first opened its large and inviting James North taproom 6 years ago, many sang the praises of their inventive range of house-made craft beer. At the same time, an assertive chorus of voices considered MERIT’s fries to be of particularly strong, well, merit.

Blanched in beef tallow and fried to perfection, MERIT’s fresh-cut fries are served with a variety of house dips like spicy mayo or curry mayo, and are excellently paired with any of MERIT’s house-made sausages or beers like their flagship Young Rival IPA.

 MaiPai Tiki Bar

MaiPai Tiki Bar – a knockout hit of a restaurant helmed by Pokeh’s Salar Madadi – has become somewhat of a destination in Hamilton’s food scene. If out-of-towners ask for the best places to eat in the Hammer, it’s likely MaiPai will end up on more than a few lists of recommendations.

While the primary draw here (and rightfully so) is the menu of creative Detroit-style pan pizzas, MaiPai also kills it in the fry department. Served in a less common waffle-cut style, you can get an order plain or choose a loaded option like the godly Parm Fries, tossed in gochujang butter and topped with fresh Parmigiano and scallion. Yeah. They rock.

 Choobee’s Fries

Fitting the definition of ‘hidden gem,’ Choobee’s Fries is an east-end operation serving up fresh-cut fries, smash burgers, fish & chips, and other fried fare out of the familiar white food truck that previously held Sam’s Fresh Cut Fries.

Owned and operated by Nan Keochanh of Jeow Hot Sauce, the food at Choobee’s is seriously good and stunningly inexpensive; especially given the generous portion sizes. With a name like Choobee’s Fries, you’d expect the fries to stand out; and, thankfully, they absolutely deliver.

 The Burnt Tongue

The Burnt Tongue, now with four locations across Hamilton, has become a name synonymous with excellent soups, stews, curries, and other wholesome lunchtime bites. But they’ve also gained a reputation for making some of Hamilton’s best fries.

Fresh-cut in-house and made in the double-fried Belgian style, The Burnt Tongue’s fries are a thing of beauty: crispy but not overly so, and so pillowy soft on the inside. Served with house-made sauces like Dutch mayo and curry ketchup, or in a loaded style like the Dill Pickle Fries, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be satisfied.

 Rony’s Rotisserie

We’re pretty sure there would be riots if we didn’t include this Stoney Creek gem at the very top of our list.

Rony’s Rotisserie has well earned its reputation for making some of the best chicken in the city. It’s intensely flavourful: marinated in tangy house yogurt and spices, then cooked over charcoal for a result that’s unlike anything else in the city.

But the fries here are of equal draw, in large part due to the thoughtful, multi-day process Rony’s uses to make each batch. Burbank Russet potatoes are sourced from Hillspring Farms in New Brunswick, and the cooking process results in fries that are the optimal texture and flavour every single dang time. If you really want to kick things up a notch, try the Fries with Benefits: Rony’s fries tossed with plenty of charcoal chicken, house yogurt sauce, and spice. It’s a knockout dish.

Honourable Mentions: The Dirty South, HAMBRGR, The Lockesmith, Easterbrook’s Hot Dog Stand, Hammerhead’s, Gageview Fresh Cut Fries

What changes would you make to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Thomas Lewington

    10.05.2023 1:27 pm

    Love this list! Big fry fan, poutine is great and all but sometimes I just need some FRENCH FRIES

  • Davor

    10.05.2023 10:08 pm

    As I was going down the list… I don’t see Rony’s… I don’t see Rony’s..!! Still….!?! Oh… There it is. #1 fries!

  • David B

    11.05.2023 2:21 am

    Nanaa should definitely be on the list. Greek Palace is another I feel is worthy that was missing. Strongly agree with Hutch’s, MaiPai, Goldies, Rony’s. I would have had Hammerhead out of the honorable mentions and on the list.


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