Treetop Trekking adventure is a great spot for summer fun

Treetop Trekking is now located in Binbrook on the land of the Binbrook Conservation Area!

There are very few attractions like this within the Hamilton area, so ever since this place opened up it’s been a great hit.

Treetop Trekking is an adventure for all, offering a wide range of activities that are suitable for any age. One of the great things about this place is their Treewalk Village attraction which has no age requirement, so younger children can enjoy the adventure as well!

When it comes to the main attractions and activities at the park, there are so many fun things to do up in the trees or on the ground.

The most popular adventure at the park is the Zipline and Aerial Game Trek. This is your typical Treetop Trekking experience that includes three hours of balancing on bridges, climbing, using swings and ziplining, and much more!

An interesting aspect of the adventures offered at the park is the team building activities. Treetop Trekking staff members will work with your group to help you build team goals and create a fun experience for your group members.

They even have a mindfulness activity called Forest Bathing where you can reconnect with nature through guided meditations and activities.

Prices vary depending on the adventure you choose, but they are all reasonable for the fun you’ll be having!

For more information, booking details, and to see what adventure is a fit for you, check out the Treetop Trekking website.

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