Where in the hammer can I get some tools?

Maybe your house has a small garden in front of the porch and you’d like to put it to use. Maybe you finally want to lay that backyard patio you’ve alway dreamed of. Or maybe there’s just a couple things in your house that you wouldn’t mind fixing up.

Coming this Fall, the Hamilton Tool Library will be a place for the maybe not-so-handy men and women to borrow basic tools like a shovel or hammer, to more complex and less frequently used tools like a rotator saw or a power drill. Anything for the home, business, kitchen or garden.

Think of it like a regular library, but instead of lending books, they lend tools!

Five things to know:

1. Up to 80% of Hamilton Tool Library’s inventory is expected to be donated (wow!).

2. Membership to take out basic household and garden tools will only be $50/year, plus additional fees for larger tools and some programming.

3. Students, and non-profits that build things will be eligible for a generous discount on the membership fee.

4. In time, the library will also house 3D printers and a laser cutter for the artist or designer. Of course, use of these tools will come with additional fees.

5. Like any library, the Hamilton Tool Library will be a place not just for taking out tools, but learning how to use them, facilitating regular workshops and safety seminars.

“We want to help improve the community as well as help out with people and their homes,” said founder Halden Sproule.

This is Sproule’s first try at a not-for-profit organization. In fact, he started as a geographic analyst, has traveled and taught geographic analysis around the world, and has worked as a business consultant for the past four years before setting in Hamilton three months ago–a city he says has been welcoming and nurturing to his creative ideas.

“This just has all the things that I love all together,” Sproule said about his venture into creating the tool library. “And it just fits so well into what is happening in the city.”

Over the next six weeks, Sproule is planning a networking push to spread the word about the organization, and beginning September 15 is planning a fundraising campaign in the community.

Find the Hamilton Tool Library on Facebook at Facebook.com/hamtoollibrary and on Twitter at @HamToolLibrary.

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