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Hamilton’s stunning new waterfront public park has finally opened

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Hamilton Farmers’ Market announces new operating hours

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Top 10 Sandwich Spots in Hamilton for 2023

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Hamilton Creek home listed by Manoj Reddy

his fully renovated townhome with two parking spots offers a stunning white kitchen with quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and herringbone hardwood throughout both floors! A gorgeous 4-piece bathroom is on th

June 11, 2022

Stoney Creek home listed by Manoj Reddy

OR SALE is this beautiful Stoney Creek home with high-end finishes throughout. With over $450k spent on renos...

June 22, 2022

Wild Orchid Apartments

Looking for a fully renovated studio or one-bedroom apartment? You’ll definitely want to check out

June 23, 2022

Hamilton Creek home listed by Manoj Reddy

OR SALE is this beautiful Stoney Creek home with high-end finishes throughout. With over $450k spent on renos...

July 05, 2022

80 King William St

OR SALE is this beautiful Stoney Creek home with high-end finishes throughout. With over $450k spent on renos...

August 11, 2022

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Humbug and the Aerotropolis

By Peter Ormond Each Christmas season, billions of human beings celebrate the birth of Jesus. Crowds amass to hear excerpts from the Bible, sip eggnog at family gatherings, and exchange gifts. At East...

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Garbage| Less is more

By Robert Leaker The City of Hamilton recently published their municipal performance scorecard. Since this is where all of our precious tax dollars go, I highly recommend that you read it – there ar...

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285 and the crazy people

“There are too many social service agencies in the downtown” has been an easy mantra for far too long by those seeking to attach blame for the decline in Hamilton’s city core. As the reasoning g...

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From the Editor| December, 2011

Christmas is a time when people talk about joy, unity, and gifts. We gather with family and friends to eat and drink. More than any other, Christmas is a holiday of ‘goodwill toward men’ and of to...

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The poet of Locke Street South

By Elisha Stam In September, I kept bumping my stroller into pylons that would NOT move on Locke St. South. What possible Public Works project could this be, right in the middle of “my” sidewalk? ...

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The 5 essential economies of cities

Cities are inherently engines of economic development. By their very nature, cities bring a diversity and critical mass of people, ideas, energy and material inputs into close contact to generate enor...

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The value of gamification

By Laura Farr Jane McGonigal predicates that there is a value to gamification – utilizing games to better society. With close to 160,000,000,000 hours spent on online gaming in the last year (15,000...

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Positively jaded?

By Don Forbes I was walking through downtown Hamilton the other day, going from our office at Main and Hughson to James North. I enjoy that walk, as there a number of things that make me smile. It tak...

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The Whipped Man 101

By Lynda Lovric Men today have been emasculated, metro-sexualized and basically neutered by their female counterparts. While the likes of Helen Reddy may boom feminist anthems such as “I Am Woman”...

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Lessons from Pittsburgh and Buffalo

Pittsburgh or Buffalo? Pondering the possibility of a future with much less steel (notwithstanding the settlement at US Steel and its apparent survival in the short term), Hamilton leaders would do we...

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