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Making friends in Ancaster

By Jamie Tennant On Friday, August 5, the Festival of Friends will host what may become the biggest concert this city has ever seen. The artist is huge – City & Colour, a.k.a. songwriter Dallas ...

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The Old Carnegie Library

It’s easy to miss, partly hidden by a shrub. But at Main and MacNab, not far from where commuters catch the B-Line, there is a cornerstone. A date is etched upon it: Aug. 23rd, 1911. Yes, on a warm ...

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Transportation | Toy vs transit

By Robert Leaker If you are the type of person who really enjoys your car and derives some intrinsic value from looking good while cruising downtown, then this article is not for you. You do not own a...

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City of opportunity

By Keanin Loomis I was told by someone I dearly adore in the administration at McMaster University that if I mentioned the University of Waterloo among some of her colleagues, I would elicit immediate...

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Take back our streets

By Terry Cooke Property prices are surging in many Hamilton neighbourhoods, but as I write this the MLS lists several residential properties for sale on and around Cannon Street that range in price fr...

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Putting City Hall on its best behaviour

By Joey Coleman Live streaming of council meetings is improving city governance in Hamilton. No longer can members of Council engage in disgraceful behaviour without finding themselves on YouTube with...

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Innovation City?

By Keanin Loomis Innovation Night. Innovation Breakfast. McMaster Innovation Park. Innovation Factory. Innovation this. Innovation that. How can a word that so few people are able to define become so ...

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The Vinyl Revival

By James Tennant What’s old is always new again, whether we’re talking about flared skirts or Pabst Blue Ribbon. When it comes to music, what’s new again isn’t a genre, but a format: the vinyl...

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City building requires resilience

By Fred Eisenberger As Japan works to recover from a series of devastating natural and technological disasters, the difficult task of rebuilding the country’s shattered economy will begin in its cit...

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Welcome to Urbanicity

The paper you are holding is the first issue of Hamilton’s newest monthly journal – a journal of the ideas, issues and experiences of the bay city. Yes, we’re actually starting a brand new broad...

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