NDP’s Sarah Jama wins Hamilton Centre in byelection

Hamilton Centre will stay orange as NDP candidate Sarah Jama wins the city’s byelection, becoming the next member of provincial parliament (MPP).  28-year-old Jama is a major human rights and disab...

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Hamilton reveals ongoing sewage leak into harbour since 1996

The City of Hamilton has identified a sewage leak into Hamilton Harbour that has been ongoing for 26 years. The leak is the result of a hole in a combined sewer pipe located in the area of Burlington ...

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Andrea Horwath elected new Mayor of Hamilton

In a history-making result for the 2022 municipal election, Andrea Horwath has been elected the new Mayor of Hamilton. The former Ontario NDP leader is Hamilton’s first female mayor after an electio...

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Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives win majority in Ontario election

Ontario is getting four more years of Ford. Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives have won their second majority government in the 2022 provincial election, with NDP Party leader Andrea Horw...

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17. Andrea Horwath: MPP, Hamilton Centre

  By Patricia Roque, COO Roque Land Developments She’s a leader, first locally, now provincially. She’s a mother. She’s tenacious and principled. She stands up for and says what she believ...

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