Cocktails with KB – Jen Keesmaat

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Cocktails with KB | Mayor Rick Goldring

As urbanicity expands to Burlington, we want to get to know the city for our- selves. What better way to do that than by sitting and having coffee with the mayor? His love and passion for this city s...

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Cocktails with KB | Patricia Roque

  One of my first introductions to Hamilton was Acclamation Bar & Grill. I was dipping my toe into the city, and someone brought me there. (I honestly can’t remember who anymore, it was ove...

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Cocktails with KB | Lorna Zaremba

When I sat to think about who I wanted to have cocktails with, I took a mental walk through the city. I thought about the cultural pillars in Hamilton and landed at Theatre Aquarius. Lorna Zaremba to...

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Cocktails with KB | Terry Cooke

When I think of Hamilton, I immediately think of Terry Cooke. Here is a man who has lived in this city his entire life, is deeply passionate about it, and has a long history of serving Hamilton in a ...

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Cocktails with KB | Craig Spear

When the invite for cocktails with KB goes out to someone who owns a gym, somehow sitting and drinking a cocktail doesn’t fit. Instead, Craig Spear suggested Kettle Bells with KB. So this month, I ...

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Cocktails with KB: Mark Furukawa aka. Dr. Disc

I met Mark through Erin Dunham and knew I had met a quality Hamiltonian. His love for music is only rivaled by his love for Hamilton. He has been a DJ at many parties and events I have been to, and ha...

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Cocktails with KB | Steve Staios

There is something contagious about unbridled enthusiasm. I definitely caught it when I sat down for a drink with Steve Staios. Here is a man who loves hockey, loves Hamilton and can’t wait to s...

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Cocktails with KB | Louis Grilli

Harvey and Mike. Alicia Florrick. Denny Crane. Saul Goodman. They’re the lawyers we love and hate from television. Their lives are glamourous and gritty, they’re powerful and petty. They&#...

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Cocktails with KB | Jocelyne Mainville

I met Jocelyne Mainville, Leasing Manager of Yale Properties a number of years ago through the Hamilton 24-Hour Film Festival. This woman is a huge inspiration for me. She has the ability to make anyo...

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