Hamilton will see storm with rain and snow starting today

After a pleasantly warm and sunny Easter Monday, Environment Canada is advising Hamilton that the city will see an early spring storm starting Tuesday.  The storm is caused by a Colorado low, with ra...

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Snowstorm advisory issued for Hamilton on Friday evening

Break out the shovels: Hamilton is about to get hit with its first true snowstorm of the winter season.  A weather advisory has been issued by Environment Canada explaining that Hamilton could se...

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Hamilton is currently under heat warning

Take caution out there: Hamilton and the surrounding area is currently under heat warning.  A notice from Environment Canada was issued on Tuesday explaining that Hamilton will experience a multi-day...

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More air quality warnings hit Hamilton due to Ontario wildfires

Hamilton is once again under an air quality warning due to smoke caused by Ontario wildfires.  A special statement from Environment Canada issued on Wednesday morning explains that smoke plumes f...

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Air quality alert issued for Hamilton due to Ontario forest fires

Forest fires in Southeastern Ontario and Quebec are causing potentially high levels of air pollution in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. An air quality advisory from Environment Canada issued on Tu...

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Hamilton is under heat warning

Stay hydrated and dress lightly, because Hamilton is under heat warning beginning Thursday and lasting into Friday.  According to a heat advisory from Environment Canada, Hamilton is expected to ...

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Hamilton is getting hit with another pile of snow today

Mother Nature just won’t give us a break.  Hamilton and the surrounding area is set to see another hefty pile of snowfall all through the day on Friday.  A weather advisory from Environment Ca...

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Hamilton is getting hit with another snowstorm tonight

Not even a week after Hamilton was hit with a hefty snow and ice storm, the city is about to see another sizeable dump of wicked winter weather.  An advisory from Environment Canada warns that Hamilt...

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Hamilton will see a snow and ice storm on Wednesday

After the tease of some recent sunny days, Hamilton is expected to be hit with a snow and ice storm beginning Wednesday and lasting into Thursday.  Forecasted to begin late Wednesday afternoon, a wea...

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Strong wind warning issued for Hamilton today

Take care out there today, as Hamilton is expected to see some exceptionally strong winds through out much of Wednesday.  A weather advisory issued by Environment Canada explains that Hamilton and th...

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