Here’s what to expect at the new Rapscallion restaurant

Rapscallion Rogue Eatery and Two Black Sheep – both popular fixtures in the line of restaurants owned by local hospitality group The Other Bird – were two of Hamilton’s favourite food and night ...

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CEO Erin Dunham demonstrates strong female leadership in Hamilton

If you frequent the downtown core, chances are you’ve dined at some of the restaurants that have been at the forefront of the Hamilton restaurant renaissance that we all hear about so much. The Mule...

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ODDS Bar is the local spot you didn’t know you needed

When it comes to good food, may the odds be ever in your favour. And in this case, the nachos at ODDS Bar are a safe bet to make. It’s branded as a sports bar, but ODDS is a place for everyone; whet...

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Hamilton’s most unique Japanese dining experience

Trust the chef. When you head to Paper Crane for a meal, co-owner Erin Dunham urges you, trust the chef. The Other Bird hospitality group opened Paper Crane sushi restaurant in December 2018 with chef...

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Two Arkells members are opening a sports bar with The Other Bird

It’s been a decade since Hamilton-based rock band Arkells released their first single “Oh, the Boss Is Coming!” — a song about hard-working employees in the workplace. Well, as f...

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One Artist at a Time: Rita Chiarelli

  I had the privilege of meeting with Rita Chiarelli at the Cannon for a chat over hot beverages at 8:30am, (too early for both of us). She is from Rita Chiarelli and Sweet Loretta; there are sev...

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One Artist at a Time | Lori Yates

Lori Yates moved here from Toronto in 2002. She relocated for real estate reasons (a more common reason for why people move here from Toronto now). She has a remarkably positive attitude about this fi...

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One Artist at a time | JR DiGS

I had never met JR DiGS, but had heard rumblings of his existence. I was always really impressed by his annual Acoustic Christmas event that involved many local artists getting together to raise mone...

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One Artist at a Time: Paul Elia

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul Elia, a super kind man with a beaming smile (if he smiles, you smile). Like many, I have admired his art work for years in local shops, galleries, and res...

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One Artist at a Time: Tom Wilson

  I had the pleasure of meeting Tom at his home. Tom’s office is the authentic version of how Pier 1 tries to makes rooms look: eclectic and colourful with leather and nice wood furniture ...

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