Hamilton just got a giant floral display of Ticats mascot Stripes

If you’ve passed by Hamilton City Hall in the past few days, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the eye-catching giant tiger stationed out front.  That’s Stripes – the mascot for the Hamilton Tiger-C...

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There’s a giant praying mantis outside of Hamilton City Hall

Don’t worry, Hamilton: a massive, green space creature has not arrived in town to wreak havoc on residents. Quite the opposite, in fact. The city has just erected a massive and beautiful floral scul...

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A protest in solidarity with Palestine took place at Hamilton city hall this weekend

While growing violence continues in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, nearly one thousand supporters of the Palestinian solidarity movement gathered for a peaceful protest outside Hamilton’s ci...

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Architectural gems in the city of Hamilton

As a newcomer to the city of Hamilton, I’ve already come across my fair share of people who (still) look down on the city. Whilst many acknowledge its recent improvements, some people still can’t ...

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Hamilton activists paint massive ‘Defund the Police’ message across Main Street

In an act of peaceful protest on Thursday afternoon, over 100 Hamilton activists organized to paint a massive ‘Defund the Police’ message across a sizeable stretch of Main Street directly out fron...

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Hamilton City Hall to begin civil marriage ceremonies

Good news for the local lovebirds who want to keep their marriage simple and straightforward: the city has officially announced that Hamilton City Hall will now be offering non-religious marriage cere...

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VIDEO: Drivers have been blasting through the red light outside Hamilton City Hall

Looks like some of Hamilton’s drivers might need to brush up on the rules of the road. In some dismaying footage captured through the window from the public gallery at Hamilton City Hall, an astonis...

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5 places to see spring blossoms in Hamilton

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Urbanicity Hamilton (@urbanicityhamilton) on May 15, 2019 at 3:07pm PDT April showers did indeed bring May flowers and if you’re lookin...

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There’s a giant dog sculpture made of plants at Hamilton City Hall

Hamilton City Hall has welcomed a new, furry friend this past week. The giant dog, affectionately named Ralph, is a creation known as a living sculpture. Living sculptures are art pieces that have bee...

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