OPINION: Open letter to the HCDSB

Dear HCDSB Board of Trustees, We, the 2SLGBTQIA+ student community of Halton, are appalled by your decision to not fly the pride flag outside HCDSB schools this June. This isn’t a matter of opinion;...

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The growth in plant parents is an unexpected positive side effect to COVID

Have you noticed a growing interest in gardening lately? With so many of us spending more time at home, combined with a lack of outdoor space, it’s enticing to bring inside what is normally out...

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OPINION | No more porch patios in Hamilton

Hamilton needs to be completely barrier free, in both attitude and design for it certainly is not in many cases. In addition to my poverty advocacy work, I Chair an advocacy group called Accessible Ha...

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OPINION | It’s time for Hamilton police to use body-worn cameras

When I saw what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis, I got upset because I saw myself. When I heard what happened to Botham Jean in Austin, I got upset because I saw myself. When I saw what happen...

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Opinion | When feeling powerless during COVID-19 lockdown, fight back

Week Seven into the pandemic lockdown, my husband bought me a T-shirt. On it, Rosie the Riveter flexes her biceps while wearing a mask, standing in front of a coronavirus cell and the words: We Can Do...

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Listen to understand, not to react

My first encounter with mental health happened when I was 21 years old and had just entered my second year of graduation. My best friend, who was otherwise the most cheerful and bubbly girl of our cla...

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Can you ever be “too healthy”?

It all started with Freshman 15. I thought it was a myth, that every freshman would gain 15 pounds in his or her first year of university, but I started gaining weight. I had to do something about it,...

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Opinion | Why can’t Hamilton have nice things? We need to invest in the core

This article first appeared on The Hamilton Spectator The recent decisions by the province to cancel the LRT and by city council to reject plans for a Mountain arena have exposed, once again, the deep...

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How running can impact your mental health for the better

When Urbanicity said that they have an annual edition on mental health, I was instantly excited. Being someone who has used exercise as a coping mechanism for anxiety, it felt like the perfect opportu...

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Chain mail of the mind

Germaphobia, excessive tidiness, and perfectionism — are these the traits you think of when you hear the acronym “OCD”? For many who are unfamiliar with the realities of obsessive compulsive dis...

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