The story of Lover’s Lane in Ancaster

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, we wanted to share one of the local folklores about love. This one comes from the Hermitage in Ancaster and Lover’s Lane. Otto Ives had hired a...

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Architectural gems in the city of Hamilton

As a newcomer to the city of Hamilton, I’ve already come across my fair share of people who (still) look down on the city. Whilst many acknowledge its recent improvements, some people still can’t ...

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The rise and fall of Hamilton’s Centre Mall

Today, there is an outdoor plaza of large big-box stores. Two decades ago, Centre Mall in Hamilton was the epicentre of 90s mall teen angst buzzing with arcades and unique stores. However, in 2008, Ca...

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The Rise, Fall and Revival of James Street

Take a walk down James Street and you’ll see a neighbourhood bursting with life. Residents are chatty, business owners are smiling and the energy is palpable. For most, this is the James Street we k...

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Shop local with timeless pieces handmade by artists and sold independently Buying clothes, for some, is a tedious experience. Visiting store after store in the mall searching for the lowest price, onl...

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Historic Century Manor | Haunted Hamilton

White-washed walls and peeling paint. Long spanning hallways, creaky corridors and silent, empty rooms. Boarded-up windows hide over a century’s worth of history that sits there waiting to be told. ...

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