Garbage| Less is more

By Robert Leaker The City of Hamilton recently published their municipal performance scorecard. Since this is where all of our precious tax dollars go, I highly recommend that you read it – there ar...

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Humbug and the Aerotropolis

By Peter Ormond Each Christmas season, billions of human beings celebrate the birth of Jesus. Crowds amass to hear excerpts from the Bible, sip eggnog at family gatherings, and exchange gifts. At East...

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Slowly jeopardizing Hamilton’s Future

By Adrian Duyzer The situation in Hamilton is improving. That’s the good news. The bad news is, it’s not improving fast enough. As a city we lack the sense of urgency, the ambition and the...

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A not so bad Canadian story

By Keanin Loomis Being a voracious consumer of current events, despite the known consequences to my mental health, it seems that there are only two kinds of stories right now – the bad, which are ub...

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The youth are starting to change

By Ryan Moran In the song “The Youth,” on the 2007 album Oracular Spectacular, the band MGMT declares that “the Youth are starting to change, are you starting to change?” Indeed, in the contex...

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New deal for Cities Redux

By Paul Shaker Almost 10 years ago, former Finance Minister Paul Martin addressed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) conference in Hamilton and proclaimed the need for a “New Deal for C...

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Hacking the City

By Joey Coleman Let’s take a drive. Start in the city of your choice. Your destination? Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. You’ve never been to Hamilton and have decided to see it for yourself. Le...

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Lessons from Pittsburgh and Buffalo

Pittsburgh or Buffalo? Pondering the possibility of a future with much less steel (notwithstanding the settlement at US Steel and its apparent survival in the short term), Hamilton leaders would do we...

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The Whipped Man 101

By Lynda Lovric Men today have been emasculated, metro-sexualized and basically neutered by their female counterparts. While the likes of Helen Reddy may boom feminist anthems such as “I Am Woman”...

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Positively jaded?

By Don Forbes I was walking through downtown Hamilton the other day, going from our office at Main and Hughson to James North. I enjoy that walk, as there a number of things that make me smile. It tak...

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