Doug Ford says Ontario will absolutely not be reopening by May 24th

While many Ontarians may have guessed this already, now it’s official: the province reopening and lifting COVID-19 restrictions by May 24th is “absolutely not going to happen,” according to Premier Doug Ford.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Ford said the original projection of Victoria Day for the reopening of parts of the economy and the loosening of some social restrictions is simply not a realistic timeline during this pandemic.

Though Ontarians may be bummed to cancel their cottages and forgo their May Two-Four long weekend plans this year, relaxing restrictions at this stage would be a major risk.

“Everything is conditional on the health and wellbeing of Ontario,” said Ford, while stressing that, even at the time when some parts of the province may be in a place to reopen, it will do so with a “trickle” rather than a full-on opening of the floodgates.

So when will that start to happen? Well, we don’t really know yet, and the province is understandably reluctant to commit to a specific timeframe in which restrictions will begin to be lifted.

That said, there is a bit of optimism to be found as well: it was recently announced that Ontario already in a better situation than originally forecasted regarding the spread of COVID-19, with a report early this week suggesting that the province may have peaked for COVID-19 cases ahead of what was originally projected, thanks to the impact of ongoing closures and current social distancing measures in place.

Currently, Ontario has 12,245 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 6,221 of those cases considered resolved and 659 total deaths.

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