Hamilton’s Arkells get student’s exam rescheduled so she can attend concert

Hamilton’s beloved rockers Arkells got to make a local fan’s day recently.

When Brock University student Savannah Tarantella found out that one of her exams was scheduled for the exact same night as her Arkells concert date, she was encouraged by a friend to DM the band themselves on Instagram in the off chance they might be able to lend a hand.

Knowing how often the Arkells go out of their way to delight their fans, it’s not surprising that the Hamilton-born student got a response; or that Arkells frontman Max Kerman took it upon himself to email Tarantella’s professor about the conflict.

“In the grand scheme of things, a single exam will come and go, but the memories and joy that a great concert can bring might last a lifetime,” wrote Kerman in a message to Brock University professor Mariek Schmidt.

“I understand that you – as the professor – can’t make this exception every time. But we’re hoping you allow Sav to write her exam on another day, so she can join us [at] the show. This act of generosity will not set a precedent. It will only prove what a kind-hearted, flexible person you are.”

Kerman’s persuasive message – which was shared via the Arkells social media – ended up doing the trick, with Schmidt responding by email permitting Tarantella to reschedule her exam for a separate date.

“Having the lead singer write a message is a nice touch,” wrote Schmidt.

Arkells kick off their Blink Once Tour on March 18th, hitting cities across Canada, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom until November.

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