Hamilton installs signage for downtown transport truck restrictions

The City of Hamilton has begun installing and modified signage throughout the city to restrict large transport trucks and big rigs from travelling within core parts of the downtown and lower city.  E...

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Hamilton looks to ban heavy trucks on downtown streets

Hamilton is one step closer to having the insufferable roar and imposing presence of heavy trucks banned from roadways downtown and in surrounding neighbourhoods. The city’s truck route subcommittee...

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Canada officially bans unvaccinated travellers from planes and trains

As of this past Tuesday, November 30th, all Canadian travellers ages 12 and up on planes and trains must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Through the previous month, negative molecular COVID-19 t...

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City of Hamilton has banned non-essential outdoor water usage for a week

Be ready to put those hour-long showers on hold for a bit; not just because they’re pretty wasteful in general, but also because the City of Hamilton is asking all residents to restrict their outdoo...

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Hamilton bans home fireworks – including sparklers – until July 4th

Looks like Hamiltonians who want to celebrate the long weekend with a bang will have to change their plans, as the city has banned the use of home fireworks – including sparklers – for the holiday...

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BREAKING: Canada has banned 1500 types of military-grade firearms, effective immediately

Roughly 1,500 different models of military-grade firearms have just been banned in Canada, effective immediately. The announcement, made today by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, means that licensed fir...

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