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10 delicious desserts you need to enjoy in Hamilton

Hamilton has no shortage of good food. With hundreds of restaurants and cafes all over the city, it’s hard to try each one. This list narrows down the dessert places and sweet shops you need to try! From candy and chocolates to sweet vegan treats, Hamilton’s sweet scene really delivers!

Here’s our 2019 list for Hamilton’s 10 best desserts.


With a huge wine list and incredible menu, it’s no surprise Radius is a hot spot for many dates and celebrations; in fact, they have seating for 340 guests!

In the summer, enjoy their phenomenal patio, and live music too! Their crème brûlée is a must and for the nutella lovers out there, you have to give their nutella and caramel bread pudding a try!

  Grandad’s Donuts

A Hamilton classic, Grandad’s Donuts are baked fresh daily on site at 3 AM. Grandad’s Donuts is a family owned and operated coffee and donut shop that has been making donuts for over 30 years now.

Located near the waterfront, they offer amazing donuts, muffins, and other goods. Thumbs up to their delicious flavours including the Orange Twist. An old fashioned donut with a citrus tang.

  Planted In Hamilton

At Planted, desserts can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of food restrictions or choices. This vegan cafe offers dairy-free alternatives of the most popular sweets out there including a delicious Tiramisu.

Visit Planted and try the Vanilla ladyfingers soaked in coffee liqueur, layered in a rich maple cashew custard and topped with cocoa powder. They have nut-free options as well and all dishes are free from dairy, eggs, and gluten.

 Candi Werx

Candi Werx has a reputation for quality treats! They have chocolate, candy, fudge, and sweets from around the world. Looking for a British treat? They carry goods like Twirl and Double Decker. Are you a fan of a popular wizard? Candi Werx has Harry Potter Bertie Botts too! Want to enjoy desserts but have some intolerances? They offer sugar-free and gluten-free options too!

 Pane Del Sole

For a variety of Italian desserts, Pane Del Sole is your place to go! This shop on John and Cannon is home to hot food, pastries, and Italian products at excellent prices!

They have different kinds of cannolis, cookies, squares & pastries, but the Pesche Dolci (Italian Peach Cookies) are what keeps me coming back! Not sure what you want? Grab a box and fill it with a mix of desserts!

  Cake & Loaf

The Cake & Loaf sweets are out of this world! Whimsical, magical, delectable and unique! Made from scratch and with seasonal ingredients, Cake & Loaf has a selection of sweet & savoury items. They’re also known for one-of-a-kind custom designs.

  Chocolat on James

If you love variety, Chocolat on James is not to be missed. Pick from truffles, fudge, barks, or novelty items like chocolate frogs, bugs and letters. Chocolat on James is an extraordinary experience. Watch the chocolate being made in-house and the staff pour and wrap each treat with perfection.

Fill your senses with the aroma of sweet treats and pick and choose the toppings and flavours you want. Want to try something unlike anything else? Try their chocolate cheesecake on a stick!

  Bean Bar

It’s hard to choose the best dessert in Westdale but we can narrow it down to the cakes at Bean Bar. They have a huge selection of unique cheesecake flavours and other sweet treats. Some reviews online exclaim that the desserts at Bean Bar are “heaven on earth” and a “slice of heaven” and I agree! Special shout out to the key lime cheesecake and the white chocolate cheesecake. These two really stand out!

  Copper Kettle

There are a few places you go out of your way for, and Copper Kettle is one of them. Known for their famed apple fritters, Copper Kettle is nestled in the heart of Waterdown. This treat has a warm apple filling, inside a fried exterior covered in cinnamon sugar.

Pick some up today! These make for the perfect party favour that are sure to please all guests.

  Ola Bakery & Pastries

On the top of the list is a not-so-hidden gem on James St N — Ola Bakery. It’s a traditional Portuguese cafe in the heart of downtown. Stepping into Ola gives you a tiny taste of Europe. Order up front and sit for a while to enjoy authentic Portuguese treats or lunches prepared fresh daily. One of the best items on the menu are the pastel de natas, otherwise known as Portuguese custard tarts.

These tarts alone are worth a visit to the downtown core. A crispy, flaky crust filled with creamy custard in the middle, baked to perfection and topped with some cinnamon.

While the interior is old fashioned, there’s a certain charm about this place that makes coming back a delightful experience.

Looking to explore more LOCAL dessert spots? Then be sure to explore our search page!

Been to any of these? Unlock them!

Let us know what your favourites are!

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