A second community fridge has opened in Hamilton

It’s only been a few months since a passionate group of Hamilton volunteers launched the city’s first community fridge; and now, a second fridge has opened locally.

As of Friday, June 4th, this new fridge – hosted by Community Fridges HamOnt – officially launched outside of 249 John Street North in the Beasley neighbourhood to follow up the existing community fridge outside of Today’s Family at 44 Greendale Drive.

The fridge, which is covered in artwork by visual artist Heidi Berton, is already stocked with donated items such as loaves of bread, fresh produce, eggs, pantry staples, and more that can be readily accessed by those who need them.

The community fridges are a means of helping to address food insecurity by ensuring that Hamilton residents can have ready access to some of their basic needs.

Accessible 24/7, Hamilton’s community fridges are loaded with fresh foods, pantry items, canned goods, and toiletries that can be accessed by locals who need them free of charge.

Eligible items are accepted into the fridge by donation, and Community Fridges HamOnt offers a handy guide for the sorts of items that should and should not be donated.

For example, the groups discourages the donation of raw meat or seafood, home-cooked dishes, rotted or wilted food, expired food items, opened food, alcohol, dented cans, and clothing.

However, they will readily accept fresh produce, meals from certified kitchens, sealed PPE, toiletries, bread and baked goods, dairy items, frozen food, eggs, cooked meats like cold cuts, sealed non-alcoholic beverages, grab-and-go food items, pantry items, and pet food.

These community fridges are a terrific way of supporting the Hamilton community, with more sure to come in a greater number of neighbourhoods throughout the city!

Follow Community Fridges HamOnt on social media to stay updated.

Lead image courtesy of @cf_hamont with artwork by @HeidiBerton

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