A Western-themed restaurant has just opened in Hamilton

Giddy up! If you’ve ever dreamed of moodily sipping a pint in a Wild West saloon – ideally in leather boots and a cowboy hat – then gallop on over to a brand new Hamilton restaurant & bar that plays up its Western theme.

The new restaurant, called the Iron Horse Saloon, recently opened in lower city Hamilton’s east end to dish out plenty of reliable, straightforward pub fare such as sandwiches, fish & chips, burgers, chicken wings and, of course, beer.

Though sporting a new name and concept, east end pub-goers will probably find a sense of familiarity at Iron Horse Saloon. That’s because it’s essentially a rebrand of the longstanding Come By Chance Bar on Melvin Street, right beside the old Shriner’s Club. Same food, same folks, new vibes.

Of course, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Iron Horse Saloon has had to adjust its operations temporarily like all other Hamilton restaurants. For now, the restaurant is offering patio service only and, with Hamilton’s new mandatory mask bylaw in effect as of today, face masks or coverings will be required for those entering the indoor space for any reason.

In a city with more and more foodie offerings that lean towards more elaborate eats, it’s nice to see a regular, no-nonsense offering hold its own for when you just want to keep it simple. Go give it a try, Hamilton!

Iron Horse Saloon is open now at 78 Melvin Avenue in Hamilton’s east end. Check them out on Facebook for menus and more information.

Lead image courtesy of Iron Horse Saloon Inc.

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