Brux House

Belgian Brilliance Comes to Locke Street South

The founders of Quatrefoil are co-owners of Brux House located on Locke Street South. Their partner and relative, Mark, provides the brewer’s perspective. It’s a good combination: culinary excellence with craft beer expertise.

The name is derived from the name of a wild yeast strain used by Breweries in Belgium. It could also easily be construed as short for “Bruxelles” the French name for Brussels.

The place is bright and comfortable. It has that charm inherent in the old world drinking establishments with the rough cut wood furniture.

On the blackboard are displayed the craft beers available daily and the food is designed to pair well with the beverages on offer. Belgian style fries with lemon aioli, are fried twice like they do in Belgium. An innovation of note are their duck wings, sure to be a hit. The mussels and frites are typical Belgian fare again. The choices are many, from burgers to pork, and from chicken to vegetarian dishes such as a bean and rice burger.

The second floor is occupied by a dining room while the ground floor features a large bar area and high chair seating along the walls. The patio is accessible from near the bar and kitchen. The service is quick and efficient. Staff members are knowledgeable and professional. This is a versatile establishment catering to a host of tastes. You may go for the cocktail hour and have appetizers, enjoy late night dining, or even a grab a quick lunch.

As a final note, Brux House was one of the 32 restaurants shortlisted by Air Canada’s En Route magazine for the top 10 places to dine in Canada in 2015. No small feat when it had barely opened its doors for business.

Brux House
137 Locke Street South, Hamilton
(905) 527-2789

Photos by Mel Gedruj

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