Colourful candy shop opens in Hamilton and they’ve got rare snacks

A new candy shop that recently opened its doors in Hamilton looks like sweet-tooth heaven. 

Candy Planet is now open inside Eastgate Square at 75 Centennial Parkway North, offering up a dizzying array of confectionary and snacks with something for pretty much anyone. 

A sister location to the shop at Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga, Candy Planet specializes in what they call ‘exotic’ candy, with international imports you won’t find in your typical convenience store. 

Ritz cracker sandwiches with white chocolate, churro flavoured Kit-Kat bars, popping cotton candy, unusual flavours of Pringles, and a wide variety of unique sodas and energy drinks are just some of what you could expect at Candy Planet with their ever-changing stock of unique snacks.

The new candy shop is already a hit with locals who’ve been sugar-rushing over to Eastgate to get a fix, and we can’t wait to check out Candy Planet ourselves!

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Lead image courtesy of @candyplanetcanada

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