GO Transit adds new buses with seatbelts for passengers

Planning to jump on a GO Transit bus sometime in the near future? Well, buckle up. No, literally, you may have to buckle up.

That’s because the transit agency has announced they will launching dozens of new GO Bus vehicles in their fleet that will feature seatbelts on all passenger seats, adding an extra level of safety and protection for commuters.

The move is in response to a new legislation introduced by the federal government in 2018 requiring all mid-size and large highway buses built after 2020 to also include seatbelts for all passengers.

Not all GO Buses will have this feature, however; the legislation did not require older vehicles to be retrofitted with seatbelts, so only the 46 new buses in the transit company’s fleet will have the belts on board.

Directive signage will be added to these new buses, remining passengers to fasten their seatbelt before departure; undoubtedly something that will be a bit of an adjustment for long-time commuters who have never dealt with seatbelts on GO Transit before.

Transit agency Metrolinx has said they’re also considering the feasibility of retrofitting older GO buses with seatbelts in the future.

Read the full release here.

Lead image courtesy of @gotransit

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