Hamilton announces finalists for snowplow names and they’re hilarious

After inviting the public to submit clever, funny name suggestions for Hamilton’s fleet of snowplows, the city has announced its top 20 finalists for 2024

Locals can now vote on their favourites among these names, and the 10 favourites will officially be added to 10 Hamilton snowplows hitting the streets through the winter months. 

This year’s finalists include Taylor Drift, The Bay Sleigh, Webster’s Squalls, It Snow Problem, Brrr-ito, Icekee Waa Waa, Snow Kidding Eh?, Cootes Plowadise, Snow and Steady, Say It Ain’t Snow, Plowabunga, Sled Zeppelin, Fast & Flurrious, Thaw Patrol, Snowmoni Lawrence, Darth Blader, Ham-MELT-on, Mountain Plow Blvd, Holy MackinTHAW, and Better Call Salt. 

By visiting engage.hamilton.ca/nametheplow, Hamiltonians can cast a vote from this wonderfully punny shortlist of options. 

Voting remains open until January 28th, and the winning names will be announced the week of January 29th. 

Which ones are your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

Lead image courtesy of City of Hamilton

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