New spot for Chinese comfort food opens in Hamilton

Foodies, take note: a spot for Chinese snacks and comfort food recently opened its doors in Hamilton. 

Kin & Kith, located at 9 John Street North between King Street and King William Street, calls itself a ‘Northern China snack noshery’ and is serving up some dishes we haven’t seen very often in Hamilton. 

Opening their doors this past fall, one of their specialities is ‘Roujiamo’, which puts flavourful, spiced stewed meat between bread and is typically considered the Chinese equivalent to a classic hamburger. 

Kin & Kith also offers dishes like sour soup dumplings, rice bowls, and noodle offerings including Liangpi: a cold noodle dish made from wheat or rice flour. 

This spot seems to offer some unique dishes compared to other Chinese restaurants in Hamilton, and we can’t wait to check it out ourselves! 

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