Hamilton confirms first two cases of bat rabies for 2023

Hamilton public health has identified two cases of rabies in bats, marking the first positive test results since August 2022. 

Though no known human contact was made with these bats, public health is reminding locals to remain vigilant about staying away from bats and other animals known to carry rabies such as raccoons, foxes, skunks, and stray or unknown cats or dogs. 

Public health indicates that Hamilton is currently seeing a rabies outbreak, with 330 animals testing positive for the deadly disease since 2015 and bats found to test positive almost every year. 

Locals can keep themselves safe from rabies exposure by keeping a safe distance from wild animals, bat-proof their homes, and call Hamilton Animal Services at 905-546-2489 if they see a dead, sick, or strangely-acting wild animal such as a raccoon or skunk. 

Those who are bitten by, or have direct contact with, a wild animal are urged to seek medical attention or call Hamilton public health at 905-546-2489. 

See the full release on the city website

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