Hamilton Dabbawala offers a unique take on Indian cuisine

Hamilton’s no slouch when it comes to really great places to get your hands on authentic Indian cuisine, and a new local restaurant is taking a unique approach to its food offerings. 

Hamilton Dabbawala, located at 1229 Cannon Street East near the corner of Cannon and Ottawa, is a new hidden gem offering up authentic Indian food, classic street eats, enticing fusion offerings, desserts, and simple grab-and-go fare. 

On top of familiar favourites like butter chicken over rice with fresh naan, expect dishes like Pav Bhaji, an Indian street food favourite that sees aromatic vegetable curry paired with soft rolls; Dabeli, a sweet snack of Indian pav bread stuffed with potato masala; and Tawa Pulao, a flavourful rice dish of Mumbai origin. 

But the menu hardly stops there: Hamilton Dabbawala’s kathi rolls are Indian wraps with fragrant curries loaded on a paratha bread base; momos are a popular steamed dumpling with flavourful fillings like chicken, egg, or vegetables; and Choli Bhature is a mouth-watering combination of chana masala, a traditional chickpea curry and bhatura, a crispy fried bread. 

Then there are the fusion dishes and chef specials. This restaurant serves up fare like tandoori paneer or butter chicken pizzas, samosa poutines, and Indian-style garlic bread; and the chef specials include dishes like bhakhri pizza with a thick waffle base as the vessel, and the Noodle Burger topped with crispy noodle pieces and other fresh toppings. 

The inventive menu blends traditional Indian recipes and flavours with modern twists and internationally-inspired touches, resulting in a restaurant that isn’t quite like other Indian spots in Hamilton. 

The family-owned Hamilton Dabbawala further sets itself apart with a comprehensive and customizable catering menu, so locals can serve a wide variety of Indian dishes and snacks at their next event for groups both large and small. 

They also offer what’s known as Tiffin Service, meaning a daily meal plan that sees Hamilton Dabbawala delivering fresh, handmade Indian meals straight to local doorsteps, carefully packaged and ready to enjoy. In fact, Hamilton Dabbawala started its business by offering this service before opening their full brick & mortar restaurant in May 2022. 

The affordably-priced meal plans come complete with homemade curries, vegetables, roti, rice dishes, and salads, with multiple packages available including deliveries either five or six days per week as well as options for larger-format family meals to feed multiple people. One-day trials start as low as $10 for locals who want to test out the service before committing to a fuller schedule of daily food deliveries. 

Tiffin Service isn’t something we’ve seen elsewhere in Hamilton, and Hamilton Dabbawala’s meal plan delivery program is a particularly great option for those who may not have the time or energy to put into making food at home for a certain period of time. 

In a city with plenty of popular options for Indian cuisine, Hamilton Dabbawala manages to stand out for its unique and varied menu as well as services you won’t find at many other spots. It’s the sort of community-driven small business the city is fortunate to have. 

Visit Hamilton Dabbawala at 1229 Cannon Street East, and see more details about their menu, catering, and Tiffin Servide on their website. Follow them on social media here

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