Hamilton dairy farm is bringing back old-school milk delivery

The old days of the milkman hand-delivering bottles of fresh milk to your home are making a comeback in Hamilton thanks to a local dairy farm. 

Summit Station Dairy & Creamery – a new farm owned and operated by the Loewith family – has revived good ol’ fashioned milk delivery, bringing their excellent, farm-fresh milk straight to local doorsteps on a weekly basis. 

One-time purchases and ongoing scheduled deliveries are available through the service, with the option to choose single-serve and large-format glass bottles of their whole milk, chocolate milk, and cheese curds. 

Milk delivery like this hasn’t been commonplace since the mid-20th century, but remnants of the bygone era still exist in Hamilton. Some older homes the city have built-in ‘milk doors:’ a double-doored chamber on the house’s exterior where the milkman could leave each delivery. 

Whether you have a milk door on your house or not, Summit Station’s milk delivery service looks like a fun throwback and a cool way of getting your hands on some great locally farmed dairy. 

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Lead image courtesy of @summitstationdairy

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