Hamilton food truck for burgers and fries has permanently closed

There’s been another casualty in the Hamilton food scene as a food truck known for its handmade burgers and fries has permanently closed.

Burger Bus, located beside the Tim Hortons at the corner of Cannon Street and Sanford Avenue, opened just over a year ago and was unmissable for its bright yellow exterior and eye-catching menu of fast food-style fare, often using local ingredients.

Though visitors could fully customize their burger, a handful of signature burger creations were also on offer, including the Big Wack: the food truck’s take on a McDonald’s Big Mac featuring their own homemade burger sauce.

Burger Bus was also notable for having an option for a burger with fresh, local ground beef or a more affordable frozen patty, giving neighbourhood residents numerous options for varying budgets.

The food truck seems to have closed pretty unceremoniously; all of the exterior signage is gone, their website is deactivated, social media hasn’t been updated in months, and Burger Bus’ listing on Google notes the business as permanently closed.

While this food truck may have struggled a bit to find enough business to keep them afloat, it’s a shame to see a solid local burger option leave Hamilton’s east end.

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Lead image courtesy of @burgerbushamilton

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