Hamilton has made wastewater data available to help track COVID-19

The City of Hamilton has now made local wastewater data public online as a means of tracking the status of COVID-19 in the city.

This comes after months of the city resisting making its wastewater data available to the general public, saying that such data is a lagging indicator for tracking COVID-19’s community prevalence.

However, with the Ontario government eliminating measures like mass PCR testing availability, COVID-19 case numbers have been wildly unreliable for months now, making COVID-19’s true community prevalence largely a mystery.

A level of transparency regarding COVID-19’s community prevalence is going to be very important in Hamilton going forward, giving the public a clearer indication of how high, or low, transmission is in the city at a given time and allowing locals to make more informed risk assessments.

As of Friday, March 11th at 10 am, the city began publishing the wastewater data – which has been used in other communities to reliably track COVID-19’s community prevalence – on the city website’s Status of Cases page, showing data connected to COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations through their wastewater viral signal.

See more on the city website.

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