Hamilton just got its first community fridge

In an effort to help combat food insecurity in the city, a group of local volunteers have officially launched Hamilton’s first community fridge.

The new group is called Community Fridges HamOnt, and their first community fridge & pantry is located at 44 Greendale Drive in the Gilkson neighbourhood of Hamilton’s west mountain.

According to their social media, the folks at Community Fridges HamOnt were inspired by the charitable work of a likeminded group – Community Fridges Toronto – and decided to take action to launch a similar initiative here in Hamilton, where food insecurity remains an urgent issue.

“We know that here in Hamilton specifically, so much care and accessibility is lacking when it comes to having basic needs met,” reads a post on the Community Fridges HamOnt Instagram page.

The first community fridge is accessible 24/7, and features items such as fresh food, pantry items, canned goods, and toiletries that have been donated by others in the community. Hamiltonians experiencing food insecurity or financial hardship can simply find the fridge at 44 Greendale Drive and take the items they need.

Though just launched a few short weeks ago, response and support for Hamilton’s first community fridge and pantry has been overwhelming, with locals adding donated items regularly and ensuring it remains fully stocked for those who need it.

If locals want to donate, Community Fridges HamOnt is asking in particular for help keeping the fridge – which holds perishable items like fresh produce, bread, eggs, and dairy items – as stocked as possible.

Some of the items they encourage for donation for the fridge and pantry are fresh fruits and vegetables, bread and pastries, eggs, dairy, frozen foods, sealed non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, pantry staples, baby food and formula, pet food, wrapped PPE, and personal care items such as toothbrushes, diapers, and menstrual products.

Community Fridges HamOnt asks that locals avoid donating items such as raw meat or seafood, rotting or expired food, alcoholic beverages, home-cooked food, dented cans, or opened food products.

This is also the first of a hopeful many community fridges throughout Hamilton, so if you own a storefront or a home-front and want to host one of the fridges, get in touch with Community Fridges HamOnt via their social media!

Follow this amazing initiative on Instagram for updates.

Lead image courtesy of @cf_hamont

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