Hamilton theatre company wants to pay local artists for video series

Artists of any and all disciplines in Hamilton, listen up: a local theatre company is creating a new video series responding to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the arts, and they want to pay artists from the region to be part of it.

Hamilton theatre company Industry has released details of their campaign #IAmStillAnArtist, which is intended to spotlight local artists and their resilience through the challenges of the pandemic.

The campaign takes the form of a series of video installations, which will each feature a different local artist and be displayed in public in locations all over the city.

Created in collaboration with Factory Media Centre and the Art Gallery of Hamilton, this series is both a great way of introducing the city’s artists to the greater public as well as highlight their perseverance amid a global crisis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for all of us, and artists have been no exception. With galleries, studios, and stages shut down for most of the past two years, we’ve lost opportunities, income, connections to our community, and sometimes even our sense of self,” says Industry in a release.

“But despite these challenges, Hamilton artists have kept going. We’re still writing, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, performing, creating, making. We are still here. We are still artists.”

Hamilton artists of all backgrounds, disciplines, and experience levels interested in being part of the series are invited to submit themselves to Industry’s open call before September 22nd. Selected participants will receive a fee of $1,000 for their involvement.

Read more about #IAmStillAnArtist on the Industry website.

Lead image courtesy of Industry

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