Here is a list of Black owned businesses in Hamilton

A great way to show your support of the Black community here in Hamilton is to conduct commerce with Black owned businesses.

Two terrific resources emerged on Instagram during #blackouttuesday in an effort to uplift our local Black community and economy.

The first is by local body movement class GoodBodyFeel where their post crowd-sourced as many black owned businesses in the comments.

You can save the post below and use it as a living resource as more accounts are tagged.

That list was then formalized by @avrilmcweekend in a Google Spreadsheet.

The link to that document can be found here.

The document was made editable so that anyone can enter the contact information of Black owned businesses not yet on the list.

As the world continues to recover from the affects of COVID-19, supporting local business has never been more important. And if you are able, please consider putting some of those local dollars toward Black owned businesses in the Hamilton community.

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