Here’s how you can recycle or donate your eclipse glasses in Hamilton

After taking in the once-in-a-lifetime, total solar eclipse on Monday, many in Hamilton are left with a pair of eclipse glasses that have little use considering the next time the city will experience a total solar eclipse will be in 120 years. 

Though some surely want to hold onto their glasses as a keepsake, others have the option to recycle or donate them. 

The Hamilton Public Library and McMaster University have partnered with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s branch in Hamilton Centre to collect eclipse glasses and redistribute them to other parts of the world that will experience a total eclipse themselves in the coming years. 

Locals simply need to drop by any Hamilton Public Library branch or Bookmobile to donate their ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses so they can be passed along and used by others to safely experience this celestial event in the future. 

Alternatively, the glasses can be very simply recycled, according to the Hamilton Conservation Authority: just pop out the protective lenses, dispose of them in the garbage, then put the cardboard frames in the blue bin. 

What did you think of the solar eclipse in Hamilton? Let us know in the comments! 

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