New Hamilton restaurant has a unique subscription-based model

A new restaurant just opened in Hamilton that isn’t quite like any other in the city. 

That’s because Matamak – now open in Westdale Village at 1065 King Street West – operates on a unique subscription-based model, where guests pay a monthly fee to access the restaurant’s food offerings. 

The benefit of the membership approach, according to Matamak, is that they’re able to offer dishes at a significantly reduced cost compared to other restaurants. Options like burgers, avocado toast, pizza, bowls, and hot dogs will only run you between $2 to $7 a piece. 

Those items can be customized as much as a member wants, and they can also get food there as much as they’d like on any day of the week. 

Single memberships at Matamak are $25 per month, and they also offer family memberships for $55 per month and business memberships for $100 per month. Those who want to give the restaurant an initial try can access a one-month free trial. 

What do you think of this intriguing restaurant concept? Let us know in the comments! 

See more on their website.

Lead image courtesy of @matamak.ca

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