New M. Night Shyamalan movie Trap was filmed in Hamilton

The trailer for the latest twisty M. Night Shyamalan movie was released on Thursday, and keen observers likely noticed a heavy Hamilton presence. 

Shyamalan’s buzzy new thriller Trap, in theatres on August 9th, appears to primarily take place at a concert within a massive arena; and though the story is set in Philadelphia, Hamilton residents will notice that much of the movie was filmed inside FirstOntario Centre (formerly Copps Coliseum). 

In fact, the arena in question appears to be a composite of FirstOntario Centre and the Rogers Centre in Toronto, with the Hamilton arena used for the interior. 

Fittingly for Shyamalan, the plot of Trap is wild: a father (Josh Hartnett) brings his teenaged daughter (Ariel Donoghue) to her favourite pop star’s concert. Thanks to a tip from an employee, the father discovers that a sting operation has been set up at the concert to catch a prolific serial killer; a killer that happens to be him. 

Knowing this iconic director’s history of cinematic twists, this early reveal in the trailer can’t be the only surprise in store; and buzz about Trap is already high on social media, with many admiring the silly-yet-thrilling premise. 

Lead image courtesy of Google Maps

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