Ontario to continue with college and university tuition freeze

The Ontario government has decided to continue with the college and university tuition freeze for another year while people try to recover financially during the pandemic. 

While many people are struggling financially during the shutdowns, the government said they want to help protect student and parent bank accounts.

Tuition freezes came into effect last year after the financial impacts of COVID-19 became clear. 

Although Ontario students will see their tuition freeze, Ross Romano, the minister of colleges and universities, says in a CTV report that out-of-province students may see their tuition rise again this year. 

He said the framework would be similar to what was in place before the pandemic with a possible hike of three per cent.

A tuition freeze for Ontario means that colleges and universities cannot raise their cost of education over the next year in order to help support people who are enrolled in school and have been impacted by COVID-19.

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