Stitch It in Lime Ridge Mall is making protective masks during COVID-19

A well-known clothing alteration service is using its powers for good during the COVID-19 crisis.

That would be Stitch It, a chain spot for clothing tailoring and dry cleaning with locations in malls and shopping centres all over Ontario, including Hamilton’s own Lime Ridge Mall.

While Stitch It locations everywhere remain closed to the public for the usual services, its employees at 20 different Canada-wide locations have been nonetheless busy making personal protective masks to supply the public with during this ongoing health crisis.

The Lime Ridge location, in particular, is pounding out around 180 masks per day trying to keep up with the intense demand; the one shop alone was sitting at 47,000 orders as of April 11th.

While the washable and reusable protective masks made at Stitch It aren’t quite N-95 grade, they are water droplet resistant given that they are made of polyester poplin rather than cotton.

Naturally, the Lime Ridge location is doing its part to keep employees safe while they provide this much-needed service. Only three employees work at a time, each sitting at sewing stations with more than enough distance between each other.

Other Stitch It locations are expected to follow suit, resuming operations in more spots across Canada to make even more of these protective masks.

As of now, the protective masks are available for purchase online on Stitch It’s website. They are priced at $10, with discounts available for larger quantity orders.

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