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The 10 best bake shops in Hamilton for 2019

Easter weekend is here and it’s the first official big eating holiday of the year! For many it means chocolate or a nice Easter ham, but for us it means that local bake shops really step their game up when it comes to innovation and over-the-top treats. But in all honesty, we’re spoiled as these bakeries do a great job year round.

Here’s Steeltown Chowdown’s top 10 bake shops in Hamilton!

Pane Del Sole

Starting the list is the Italian bakery Pane Del Sole at Cannon and John. What we like here is that it has a place to sit down to relax and reflect as you munch of one of their classic Italian pastries.

They also have reasonably priced cakes for family get-togethers and on the opposite side is a hot table and deli if you’re more than peckish.


These guys don’t have as diverse an offering as some others on our list, but if you’re looking for a great cupcake, you can’t go wrong with Bitten.

While they may be famous for their over-the-top cupcakes, their butter tarts are some of the best in the city.

Cake and Loaf

Definitely not the cheapest on our list, but you can’t argue with the quality of the baked goods here. They have something to satisfy you for any occasion, whether it’s some sweets for dessert, pot pies, and other entrees for lunch.

Don’t forget the pies for hosting those Easter guests (or taking a fork and going to town by yourself). This is also one of the only places on the list where you can also get your caffeine fix.

Lina’s Pastries

While far from the most visually impressive stall at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market, Lina’s is like an oasis at the end of the lower level with trays upon trays of delicious baked goods.

We’re fans of the lemon twists and brownies, and where else can you get a gingerbread man all year round? For sheer entertainment, pull up one of the nearby seats and watch the staff happily move between the pastry stall and the coffee stall, warmly but efficiently taking care of everyone’s needs.

Ercilia’s Fine Foods

Ercilia’s is one of my favourite spots to end my weekly market trip with. Without a doubt one of the sweetest, most pleasant vendors who is always happy to connect me with an espresso and most importantly, a warm Portuguese nata with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Beyond the Batter Bakery

Tucked away in a power centre in Upper Stoney Creek, they took us up on our Hamilton Tiger-Cat baked good challenge last year, smashed it, and we have been fans ever since.

In addition to some killer cupcakes, they also make one of the best cookie sandwiches in the city. You can also find their cupcakes integrated into desserts at Cause and Effect across the street.

Sweet Paradise

Getting into a fistfight in the insane parking lot at Sweet Paradise is kind of a rite of passage in Hamilton. They should make you navigate it on a Saturday morning before you can buy a house on the West Mountain.

But if you happen to land one of the coveted spots, there are incredible sandwiches, pastas, breads, pastries, and one of the best apple fritters in the city. It’s crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and not at all greasy.

Punch Bowl Bakery and Market

Just up the road from the Devil’s Punch Bowl is an angelic barn that’s home to some of the best baked goods in the city.

Their specialty is butter tarts, and for good reason. These baked goods are terrific, with great pastry and plenty of options for raisin, walnut, and plain fans alike. Our all-time favourites are the cookies, which are literally as big as your head and could serve as dessert for an entire week.

Weil’s of Westdale Bakery

We’re like a Pavlovian dog when the bell attached to their door goes off. When I hear that signature ring, I know I’m in for a wide variety of goodies from sweet treats like cinnamon rolls and lemon bars, to savoury items like quiche and pizza.

How do you know it’s good? Walk in any day of the week and you’ll see boxes upon boxes of cake and pie orders waiting to be picked up from folks who have made the right choice by trusting Weil’s.

Crumbuns Bake Shop

Crumbuns is best in class across pretty much every category: inventiveness, variety, quality, service, and value.

You can’t go wrong with one of their namesake crumbuns (like coffee cake, but good), empire cookies, or pizza rolls, but their home run is the mini cheesecakes. A rotating mix, they all have an incredible crust, sweet cheesecake base, and unique flavours. You’ll never go back to other cheesecake again.

Authored By: Todd & Mush of Steeltown Chowdown (IG: @steeltownchowdown)

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